Thursday, April 15, 2010

opening day

I have never gone to Opening Day at Camden Yards before. People who know how much i love both adventure and my hometown gasp in disbelief at that sentence. But not any more! Thanks to Kate P's timing of conveniently having a baby 3 weeks before Opening Day, i got to use her ticket. [thanks Kate and Jason!] Last Friday i took off of work, put on an Orioles jersey and had appropriately festive hair for my adventure. It was a clear day so Jason and I parked at work and walked through the harbor to the stadium. I love that they used the old warehouse as part of the stadium instead of tearing it down; it adds character. I've been to games before, but Opening Day seemed to have a different atmosphere: there was camaraderie and hope in the air. It felt like Spring. I loved the teeming throngs of people I loved that everyone was dressed alike, including me. I loved that anyone would actually pay this price for beer. (Ridonkulous!) I loved the best ballpark dogs i have ever eaten, which Jason suggested. The sky was so gorgeous, with puffy Simpson's clouds like it looked computer-generated. I loved the meticulous field. I loved the orange carpet and flags and balloons as the teams were introduced. I love the crowd's reaction to the double ceremonial first pitches by Orioles' legends Brooks Robinson and Boog Powell. I loved spending the day with my friend, surrounded by throngs of people sometimes enjoying and sometimes NOT enjoying (could the O's closer be any worse? I mean he pitches like the guy in Bull Durham for goodness' sake) the Great American pastime. Plus, it counts as something new this month!


Douglas said...

Boog is still alive!?

Niki said...

...and slinging BBQ!