Thursday, April 8, 2010

golf cart constitutional, driveway edition

As i have mentioned before, when you are hanging out in retirement communities in Florida it is customary to make several laps of the park in the morning or evening or both to touch base with neighbors and check out what is going on.
On my morning constitutional -via golf cart of course, cause if you are gonna act like a native you should really act like a native- it struck me how varied and ornate the driveways were. I am used to plain concrete or asphalt, but i guess if you don't have to worry about snow or plows then the sky is the limit.
Talking to my dad when i got back to his place i was informed that people pay thousands of dollars to have their driveways done.
Can i tell you how crazy that seems to me?
Anyhoo, let's take a look at the ways there are to spend your discretionary driveway cash - shall we?
You can go with plain paint,
paint that matches your house
or a nice two-paint stippled effect.
You can have it lined to look like blocks
or tile
multi-colored tile;
plain diamonds
or colored tile diamonds.
Perhaps you love the look of FormaStone:
  no problemo
Maybe a nice inset bamboo pattern is more your style;
if so, you'll be delighted to know it comes in green
as well.
Is an all-over pattern too much, you think?
Okay, how about popping a few friendly dolphins
  over a subtle painted tile line?
And for those really discerning driveway aficianados there is this:
  Words fail me.
I mean, it looks great, but how much do you think a sealed, multi-colored, irreagular tile-lined driveway with pelican, palm tree and mama/baby dolphin insets goes for these days?
There are some days when i can't wait to retire.


Kaaren said...

Blue-colored diamond tile is the one I like best of those, and I'm slightly saddened that honeycomb man feels the need to chain the entrance to his driveway.

Niki said...

I'm pretty sure he had gone North and that it isn't like that all the time.
I hope.