Friday, April 9, 2010

What's the best day of the week?

We all have people in our lives who make us happy with their mere presence.
I am super blessed to have several people like that; however, many of them live far away or far, far away or far, far, far away from me.
And none that bring me joy live farther away than fTM Matt.
Luckily, his favorite person in the world (his 3 year old niece) only lives 40 minutes away from me so i get to see him on a regular basis. We have a standing airport date; if he's in town i'm on airport duty, which pleases me to no end.
On Wednesday he was flying back to the third ring of hell (SoCal) out of Reagan National so we decided to hit some DC sights before his flight. Of course, he wasn't at his sister's house, he was at his dad's house in Dover, DE so i had to fetch him before we could explore.
You might recall that over the summer Matt and i had the best exploration day ever with the coal mine and the trains and the huge bridge: everything went perfectly that day. This Mattday was the opposite of that. Everything that we wanted to do was gone or closed or missing (how the heck do you remove a 100 foot long, 17 foot high multiple-piece statue installation, people?), traffic was ridiculous, and parking was a joke, even for DC.
But it didn't matter.
Any other day i would have been frustrated, but it was Mattday and Mattday is always a good day.
Finally we ended up in the Enid Haupt Garden behind the Smithsonian Castle which was lovely in sunshine and purple tulips so that we could do a quick tour of the National Museum of African Art.
We only had an hour, but it was enough time for him to get a taste of the collection (i've been there before) and for us to tour their current exhibit on animals in African art.
 It was fabulous.
Matt is considering spending his summer break in Africa volunteering at a medical clinic;
 i requested that if he does go, that he pick up
a human-sized bird puppet for me.
It would look great in my sunroom.


Douglas said...

would it even fit in your sunroom?

Niki said...

pashaw... you just don't want me to have nice things... ;-)