Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Cleaning Surprise

I was just cleaning out my e-mail account. I keep it rather tidy with messages tucked into folders on a regular basis, but it had been a long time since i had perused inside the folders.
It is amazing what you can find stashed away in cyberspace from almost a decade ago.
I rediscovered an entire internet relationship that i had forgotten about. I mean, i didn't forget that this guy existed. I met him on the B-Movie board and i remember he wrote me a lovely haiku for my birthday when we discovered that we were born on the same day. I remember that we exchanged some messages off of the board.
I had just forgotten that it went on for months.
And that he was getting pretty serious about it.
I have no memory of it ending.
Did i tell him to shove off? Did i just let it die? Were feelings hurt? Gosh, i hope not. This happened right after i got my promotion and things at work, at home and in life were CRAZY. In retrospect, it is completely reasonable that i would forget things from a period when i was working 6.5 days a week and losing my friends left and right. It just makes me wonder what other things from that era that i might have forgotten.
Have you ever realized that you misplaced an entire person?

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