Monday, April 19, 2010

The end of Civilization as we know it

It is a Snuggie for Dogs.
A Snuggie.
 For dogs.
It is a fleece blanket for a fur-bearing creature - with PAW-HOLES.
How often is a dog settled on the couch reading a book?
How often do they need their paws free to crochet, while trying to save energy by keeping the thermostat set to 63 degrees?
Are you kidding me?
 Look at that poor weiner dog.
The dachshund was once a proud breed, bred to hunt badgers, for Pete's sake. Badgers are bigger, meaner and ferocious when cornered, but the dachshund could find 'em and take 'em.
Now they're the poster child for a wearable blanket.
Look in that dachshund's eyes - he is so ashamed.
So am I, sir; so am I.


Anonymous said...

Animals wearing clothes is as like people going naked: it generally should not be done in public.


Erin said...

So my friend has this on her wedding registry...cone.of.shame.

Anonymous said...

Have you met Guinness?