Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hot sauce, cool cause

Last week coworker Stacey asked if i wanted to go to Annapolis for dinner. It seemed like a bit of a hike just to go to a California Tortilla, but a friend of her family had organized a Pennies for Peace (kid-based affiliate of CAI) fundraiser for an 8th grade project.
Since 25% of sales that night were going to be donated to charity i felt compelled to not only get dinner and dessert, but purchase some hot sauce as well. There are 75 different hot sauces to choose from and you know i had fun looking at them all. With my dinner i finally decided on one that was based on passion fruit. Of course, they were out of it.
After more searching, sampling, sniffing, etc i settled on another fruity one called Dave's Gourmet Ginger Peach.
I tried it over the weekend on grilled turkey burgers.
Shown here with spanish rice, corn and carrots.


sassy said...

spanish rice! PLEASE share the recipe-mine is ALWAYS soup and yours looks perfect!

Niki said...

Sassy - i wish there was some amazing recipe here, but really i just replace a third of the water with salsa about halway through the simmer time. To get the taste the way i like it, i put garlic, chili powder, lots of cumin and a dash of hot sauce in the water before i add the rice. That's it.