Thursday, June 3, 2010

it's not easy being grilled cheesee

I have found heaven,
and it is filled with grilled cheese.
This is a (relatively) new restaurant in Catonsville that is right at my exit from the Beltway so i see it every night when i get home from work. I finally got a chance to try it last week and was so glad that i did.
  Grilled Cheese & Co serves variations of toasted bread with cheese. It doesn't sound like an earth-shattering idea, but it is. Imagine a row of sandwich presses, each perfectly toasting your bread from edge to edge and the smell of cheese in the air.
sigh... it's wonderful
They have a small dining room with seating for about 40-50 that was immaculately clean. The menu is written on the wall and the prices are competitive with other sit-down sandwich places. I opted to sit at one of the 2 outdoor tables with umbrellas cause it was a lovely day and though the view is not exactly picturesque i hardly noticed, since my eyes were locked on my Blue Ox combo with sweet potato fries
Behold! That would be roast beef and blue cheese grilled with horseradish sauce. They did not skimp on any of the ingredients and the side portion was large enough that i took some home with me.
With my soda it was $9.50.
Plus, the sandwich was so good that i couldn't stop thinking about it and went back to get another 3 days later. If you aren't Jason (or a vegan), give Grilled Cheese & Co a chance. You'll be so happy you did.


Melanie said...

Mmmm, grilled blue cheese.

Niki said...

Amen, sister!
Testify to the grilley goodness!
You and your 4 boys (i count Stanley cause i'm sure he likes cheese) need to come visit to try this place.

srapalmateer said...

It's worth it! I need to go back...SOON! About the cheese and Jason...Dash had better like him some cheesy goodness otherwise Mom will be upset!

Mike said...

Now I'm hungry. I may have to eat me a grilled and tomato and bacon sammich in the hospital cafe. Not as bad as you might think.

Francie the "wise" said...

I love the fact that it's called not The Grilled Cheese Co. but Grilled Cheese & Co. The ampersand really makes it.