Thursday, June 10, 2010

Somethings are not meant to be

I took the morning off and am in the library to finally catch up on blog posts.
Today is the day that the last 3 posts from my trip out west were finally going to leave the queue. Each of the posts are photo-heavy; last week i had arranged the pictures in the order that i wanted them and written an outline.
 Today i just needed to fill in the stories that went with the pictures.
Simple enough, right?
Not if when you open the posts you find that all of the photos from those revisions won't load.
Every picture in every other post is fine, but the ones from that particular work session are stupid red Xs. Of course the pictures are on my hard drive at work.
Oh wait, did i mention that my computer at work crashed yesterday?
 Perhaps it is simply destined that i am not to share my impressions of Portland, my trip to the Grotto of Our Sorrowful Mother and the pictures from my airplane window. Mayhaps the hilarious red bandanna painted hanging from giant Paul Bunyan's back pocket will only live in my mind, along with the 2nd largest hammered bronze statue in America, a humongous pink peony, a 110 foot elevator precariously attached to the side of a cliff, the most disturbing statue i have ever seen and the Rockies from 7 miles up.

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