Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, JP!

For the 21 years that i have known Jason, his birthday had been on June 8th.
Despite the fact that both he and his parents insist that he was born on June 7th, i just know that it is the 8th.
 Who are you gonna believe - the woman who actually gave birth to him or Niki?
Over the weekend, his parents were in town so we went to a japanese steak house to celebrate the big 4-0.
I like to call this one Jasons in the Mist
 as he looks on wistfully at the impending fried rice.
He really likes fried rice.
I, on the other hand, really like onion volcanoes
  but, i mean, who doesn't?
Happy Birthday, man - today, yesterday and everyday.

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