Friday, June 18, 2010

the new love of my life

After performing for the kiddies and loading, unloading, reloading equipment into a van you want to go home to some cool refreshment.
But if you live in an old Victorian with high ceilings and no air conditioning there isn't much cool refreshment to be found; it gets hot, people.
Hot and sticky.
Which is when i reach for a frozen juice pop.
I love you.
That is frozen V8 splash Berry juice, people, so not only is it cold and delicious, it is a serving of fruit and a serving of vegetables.
 Such joy.
Such chilly bliss.
And how much did i have to pay for said joy?
 Less than a dollar.
I found this 8 popsicle mold at the dollar store.
Isn't it delightful?
 I have already gone through 2 different juice sets and there is frozen cran-grape waiting for me at home. We certainly have come a long way since Time for Timer taught us how to make Sunshine on a Stick.

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