Friday, June 4, 2010

supper for a thunderstorm

Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.
 It was hot today; Summer is definitely making a bid to push Spring aside.
Around 5pm the storm clouds rolled in and thunder echoed through the house.
I was sitting in the sunroom, reading a book on my glider (did i mention how much i am enjoying not going to work?) when the first few drops started to fall.
I thought i'd roast some of the asparagus that i bought at the farmer's market yesterday for dinner and eat it in the sunroom, on my glider (really; i am seriously liking not going to work).
After calling Jason and Kate again to verify cooking instructions (i don't know what it is about 20-30 minutes depending on the thickness, at 400 degrees that refuses to stick in my brain, but i have to call them every time i roast veggies; mayhaps i should write it down somewhere...) i drizzled the spears with some olive oil and then on a whim (like everything else in my life isn't) i sprinkled on a handful of some dried tomato and garlic pesto mix that i've had forever (i think it is from a Tastefully Simple party 5 years ago).
It smelled yummy as i popped it into the oven.
 I didn't want anything heavy cause the storm was just breaking the heat so, inspired by the italianesque spices on the asparagus, i cut up some sharp provolone cheese and thin sliced pepperoni.
For a touch more protein i started to slice a hard-boiled egg, but decided at the last minute to mix up some herbed egg salad with parsley and dill.
Once all three things were on one of my beloved pink dogwood plates, i stuck it in the fridge to be chilling.
Speaking of chilling, i poured an inch of fruit juice into a glass and stuck it into the back of the freezer.
25 minutes later the asparagus was ready and i stacked it on the chilled plate and headed back out to the glider.
I poured more fruit juice into the frozen glass over the juice-cicle and settled in to eat and watch the storm. 
Since there was no crusty bread (i hardly ever have bread in my house; it goes bad before i eat it) i stacked my yummies on melba toast (am i the only person who actually likes melba toast?).
The chilled plate cooled the asparagus enough that i could eat it with my fingers, without it actually becoming cold.
The only thing missing would have been some stuffed green olives, but alas i had none in the house.
The thunderstorm never really became a rain storm, but my finger-food supper was just right for rocking in the glider with a book and icy cold fruit juice as the temperature finally fell.


Melanie said...

Yes, you are the only person who likes Melba toast. :) Your meal looks yummy, though!

Douglas said...

I used to dig through the bowl of crackers at the salad bar to get to the melba toast that always settles to the bottom cause apparently very few like melba toast so there was always more for me. yay.

Niki said...

Perhaps that explains our whole friendship.