Friday, June 18, 2010

love is stronger than reason

Perhaps you know that my BFF has moved to a farm and is raising chickens. And ducks. And bees. And rabbits. And 10,000 vegetables, including the imaginary rutabaga.
Would it surprise you to find out that she is addicted to Farmville?
Cause it sure as heck surprised me.
I mean she spends all day on a real farm and then all night on a virtual farm?
In retrospect it makes sense cause she can get all sorts of virtual animals that she can't quite afford yet in reality. [note- did you know you can buy cows on Craig's List?]
Anyhoo, she was telling me about driving to Indiana, not to go to the Interantional Circus Hall of Fame, but to buy some half-priced chickens and mentioned that she had stopped at some 7-11s to get Farmville codes, but they didn't have them yet.
Okay, i'll bite - what Farmville codes?
So 7-11 is doing this promotion with Facebook games and various items have codes on them and I really, really want a Neopolitan cow and maybe a sheep slide, but there aren't any 7-11s where I live and the one downtown by the university doesn't have them...
At this point i just stopped her.
I live 2 blocks from a 7-11.
I could walk there if need be.
So i went to 7-11 in search of Farmville ice cream, which has a code for a Neopolitan cow. And a Slurpee for the slide. But i didn't want to eat both, so i figured i'd just buy the Slurpee cup. So imagine me rifling through the Slurpee cups, looking for a Farmville one and then not filling it with Slurpee.
As i'm doing that, i notice that there are codes on the iced coffee cups. I don't drink coffee, but i figured if i'm buying one empty cup, i don't look more ridiculous buying 2 empty cups, right?
At this point an employee is definately giving me the hairy eyeball so i just asked her to help me find all of the items that have Farmville codes; i thought Rea said that there were 6.
She pointed out eveything and the mission was accomplished!
When i went to pay for my items some teenagers were looking at me a bit strange (who wouldn't?) so i explained that my BFF lived in a place where there were no 7-11s. Well that almost touched off a riot. These suburbanites couldn't even imagine such a universe and one girl is calling to her mom across the store, Mom. Mom. Did you know there are no 7-11s in Ohio?, like i have just proclaimed that they found water on Mars.
It was hilarious.
  Almost as hilarious as me buying multiple empty cups and then eating ice cream and a sausage croissandwich for dinner with those big-eyed farm kids staring at me.
I love you, Rea.


Kaaren said...

Ha! I love that you labeled thid "insanity," cause...yea.

Douglas said...

That's like the time I bought the Super Combo at Palace 9 to get the free UB40 tape but didn't want the popcorn or the soda. Had to explain that one a couple times before they understood.....

Rea said...

LOL!! Thanks so forgot to mention that you are holding the codes for ransom!!

Megan said...

Did they really make you pay?? I am surprised you didn't just rifle through the garbage!