Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A few lines about Campbell's

When my throat is all scratchy,
and there's congestion in my head;
When my nose is all stuffy,
and at 4pm i'm still in bed;
When i finally drag myself to the kitchen,
I search for stripes of white and red.
Though you come in a can,
and have more sodium than a salt lick;
Though the noodles might be made of white school paste,
you're the stuff that does the trick,
full of yummy science-magic enzymes,
that make me feel better when i'm sick.
For this job, even homemade can't beat you,
cause when i want to eat you,
  all i have to do is heat you.


Kaaren said...


Rea said...

Drugs much?? LOL! I thought we were doing Green Bean Cassarole? But LOOK how clean that stove is!!

Michelle said...

You are the Poet Laureate of all things soupy!