Monday, January 24, 2011

They're like vampires, but you know, good ones

Red Cross calls me all of the time to set up donation appointments. I mean, all of the time. Sometimes it is the central office, sometimes the local office, sometimes the platelet office, sometimes it is a person, sometimes it is a recording, but one way or another, i get called every week. Plus, i get email reminders and even the occasional snail mail post card. These people really, really want my blood; not only am i the most common blood type in the US, i have a high platelet count and don't have a dormant virus that 70% of the population has, so they can give my blood to babies. With all of these constant reminders, it has been very stressful that i couldn't donate due to my health. Back in November i finally told the platelet people that i had to be removed from the donor list, but i've been waiting and waiting to see if i would ever be able to go back to whole blood donations.
I just didn't want to concede.
Guess what - Saturday i donated for the first time since last March! My veins were a little sketch so i have a wicked bruise, but otherwise all my levels were fine and i am green lit for donations! I am making the goal right now to donate whole blood 6 times this year. You have to wait 58 days between donations, but if i stay on schedule i should be able to make it. I normally don't get gold stars for donating, but if i reach my goal of 6 in one year, i will give myself 10 extra stars. Doesn't it seem funny that a girl who used to be terrified of needles (and still isn't that enthused by them) would be so excited by giving blood?

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Manta said...

My friend mike has this theory that they only have "cute" sounding girls call him, because he can't say no to a voice that sounds that pretty. They get him every time. Hehe. Great job on giving blood, I wish I were brave enough!