Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm with the band

A few days before New Year's i still hadn't made any plans, but you will recall that luckily my friend Ron is in a band. This year One Louder was doing the New Year's Eve party at Bamboo Bernie's and he got me a ticket.
Going to any event with a member of the band means that you spend goodly portions of the night alone. That is where the band table comes to the rescue. Friends and family of all of the band members tend to sit together and i joined one of these merry groups for the evening. We had a lovely time eating, drinking, talking and dancing.
I went easy on the imbibing, but allowed myself a celebratory shot of tequila.
Marley agreed to do one with me
but April said she had never had a tequila shot before, but was willing to try. Generally i drink 1800 or Reposada, but the bar didn't have either; the bartender suggested something i had never heard off and i'm always up for trying new things.
Here we go, April!
Lick, Slam, Suck, girls!
Wow... April's reaction was priceless, while Marley and I agreed that it was the nastiest tequila either of us had ever tasted. Distinctly not smooth, people, but fun as a party experience.
When Ron wasn't on stage we tried to get a picture together.
... too far away
... too goofy
... too... uhhhhh... something...
Finally, success!

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Debbie said...

Looks like fun! I had my days of "hanging with the band"...I now think it's only fun in small doses. ;-) Glad your new year's eve was fun! I spent mine at a bowling alley, then home later for a glass of zinfandel! yummy :-D