Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Abbey Burger Bistro

mmmmmmmmm... meat
I enjoy meat.
At home i mostly do chicken, turkey, eggs, soy and beans for my protein cause that's what is easiest for my lifestyle, but man, i loves me some meat- beef, lamb, venison, the occasional goat- so imagine my joy at discovering a pub in the city that specializes in delicious and exotic burgers.
The Abbey Burger Bistro is in Federal Hill, an easy walk from work, right next to my favorite mexican restaurant downtown, the No Way Jose Cafe. Coworkers Jami and Will were always talking about this place that had meats-of-the-month and invited me to go with them a few weeks ago.
It is carnivore heaven.
They have a menu of burger variations, but what you really want is the Build A Burger checklist.
Do you want Piedmont  black angus beef (that's the standard), Kobe beef, local bison, virginia lamb, chicken, elk, wild boar, ostrich, one of the meats of the month? BTW, there are three vegetarian options as well.
How would you like that cooked? BTW, there is smoked beef, too.
Which of the seven bread choices would you like?
How about cheese? There are ten to choose from.
Wanna customize your burger? There are over a dozen add ons, including peanut butter, white truffle oil, fried egg, onion rings and crab dip, each only 75 cents. Plus there are almost 20 different free things like veggies and condiments to choose from. Add you can get them on the side so that you can try different combinations.
Here's what we got:

Will wanted the smoked burger, but they were out (i really like that they only have a certain amount of each meat fresh each day so you know you aren't getting some frozen crap) so he went with an angus black and bleu burger. Jami and I each went with a meat of the month. She had the duck with red hawk brie, mushrooms and avocado in a lettuce wrap while i had the kangaroo with provolone and spicy creme fraiche on a pretzel roll.
Did i mention the tater tots?
Yes, i had tater tots with my kangaroo.
And the garlic stuffed olive on top was like a wee present.

There are other non-burger food like wings, salads and waffle fry nachos for the less carnivorous, plus a plethora of beers and wines.
I highly recommend this fan-damn-tastic place.
 I can't wait to try the elk.


Brenda*Nery said...

Last night I read this BEFORE I had dinner. What torture! I felt like I was right there with you.

The only problem? In front of me there was not a delicious Burger!


Douglas said...

A plethora of beers and wines? Re-taking the SATs? :)

Rea said...


Anonymous said...

oh wow! I was reading your blog to my carnivorous children and before i got to the end they were running upstairs yelling ROADTRIP!!!! I've had the opportunity to try some non-average meats like ground hog/raccoon/snake etc at some redneck "wild dinners" but i sure haven't tried Roo!!!! Sounds pretty yummy! Sheryl