Wednesday, August 10, 2011

oh that's right... i do like to cook

Between the house sitting at the beginning of last month and working a lot i've fallen into very bad eating habits: fast food, take out, skipping meals, the works. I don't think i've done proper grocery shopping in over a month.
Tonight my wallet and my stomach joined forces and mutinied. There needed to be actual food with actual nutritional value consumed in my actual dining room without spending any actual money, or else.
If i've learned nothing else from the last several years, it is to listen to my body when it gets persnickety.
There was a small problem, however:
 Let's see, condiment packets and  2 week-old rice.
I was tempted to call Papa (John's, that is), but you know how much i love a challenge.
There was a can of black beans on the shelf and i tossed it into a sauce pan with another can of water on medium heat.
Corn is always paired with black beans, so frozen corn went into the pan.
I'd normally saute onions, but a handful of dried, minced had to do.
Anything even vaguely Tex-Mex must have cumin.
May as well toss in cilantro as well.
Regular Tabasco for heat.
Green Tabasco for flavor.
Soy bacon bits for saltiness.
Several packets of Taco Bell Roasted Salsa for deliciousness.
After all of that came to a boil i slowly broke apart the rice, adding half of the large take-out boxful.
Once most of the liquid was absorbed, i took it off of the heat to rest for about 10 minutes.
Served with a dollop of sour cream:
It was really good, there's enough for tomorrow and it reminded me that cooking can be a fun, creative process if you just go with it.
Now i need to make myself go grocery shopping.


Brenda*Nery said...

I like to eat! Send some over ;)

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