Wednesday, August 17, 2011

think about it, have you ever seen a rusty guard rail before?

It is well known that i love my state and one of the greatest things is that it is steeped in history. Maryland was one of the original 13 colonies, 7th state in the union, caught in the middle of the Civil War (philosophically and geographically), involved in the War of 1812 and surrounds the nation's capitol (which is built on land given by MD).
You can't swing a dead cat without hitting some historic site, marker, plaque, etc, all of which need to be photographed by yours truly.
Take, for instance, this large chunk of pink rock hanging on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere:

That's a big chunk of rock, people; i mean look at how tiny TM Amy is in comparison.
This rock marks... let's see...

...some trail that Braddock and Washington took in 1755.

We definitely need a marker for that.

My favorite thing about this historical marker -besides its mere existence- is that it is carefully surrounded by a rusty guard rail.
 I don't recall ever seeing a rusty guard rail before.
I mean, they are made out of rust resistant material, aren't they? You'd think they were steel, but pay attention next time you are out on the road; those things don't rust.
Since the marker is from the Daughters of the American Revolution (whom i could join, if i was so inclined, BTW) Amy and I figure that it is intentionally rusted cause that looks more... well,.. rustic. We can just imagine some local DARs coming out on a Sunday afternoon to polish the marker, anti-polish the guard rail and then have a lovely picnic tea.

[note: this is the last picture of TM Amy; from now on she'll be fTM Amy as she's moved onto a teaching  position]


Douglas said...

Let's hope no one is compelled to ever swing cats around, dead or otherwise, in an effort to locate historic points of interest.

Rea said...

I'm with Douglas...the point of your post was lost by the image of the poor cat...what was this post about?

Anonymous said...

My own cats are not so great at locating historical sites... Unless it involves George Washington's yarn or something.

Oh, Connecticut has some rusty guard rails.


Anonymous said...

hehehe must be cuz cats are not my favorite - i didn't even blink at that comment....i was too interested in your historical notations :-D Sheryl