Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Look at this butterfly:

Do you see its proboscis slurping up yummy, yummy nectar?
How about that left antennae already checking out the next flower cell for more yummy, yummy nectar?
What you don't see is this butterfly anxiously flying away from the freaky giant with the huge pink flashing object that kept blinking and whirring and beeping.
That's because it was solely and completely focused on that nectar.
I have never seen anything like it.
It walked about a bit, but only to get to more nectar in another part of the flower. Nothing, nothing was going to break its concentration and determination about getting every molecule of nectar from this flower. No matter how close i got to this butterfly to take its picture, it was unfazed.
How close did i get you ask?
The above picture was taken without a zoom. I was able to get my sweet little point and shoot that close.
Also, that wasn't like a freak get-the-picture-in-one-perfect-second-and-it-flew-away kinda thing.
Nope, it was actually the last picture i took in a series of shots getting closer and closer to the butterfly.

With each of my movements, with each click of the shutter i expected it to flit away, but apparently i was unaware of just how serious this little guy was about nectar.
Amazing. I could use that level of concentration some days.


Rea said...

And I notice that said butterfly is on your FAVORITE color flower...with an amazing orange pole, besides!

Brenda*Nery said...


Niki said...

He was far to focused for me to request that he move to a purple flower. :-)