Tuesday, August 9, 2011

not exactly the outcome we were expecting

The summer theater show that my team wrote has been so well received by the groups that have booked it, that the PTBs wanted to try a public showing. The good news is that it gave my partner Jason (Jason BBE from  now on to distinguish him from the other Jasons) and I a chance to perform it for a really big crowd. The bad news is that they wanted it on the Demo Stage instead of the theater so we had to move all of our equipment over to a much smaller space. It really was improv cause we were making everything up, including the blocking during the show.
Despite having to work Sunday, it was a super fun show with a huge turn out. Plus the audience got a chance to see a truly spectacular effect when the finale went a bit awry.  We make a GIGANTIC, energetic plume of fog in a trashcan with boiling water and liquid nitrogen, called an LN2 bomb. It is quite an amazing sight, though i can assure you that the trash can is not supposed to look like this when you're done:
hmmmmmmmm... apparently there is a limited lifespan for that piece of equipment.


Melanie said...

Oh my!

Congrats on the great show!

Douglas said...

casualty of science?

Anonymous said...

Soooo... the can is supposed to be LESS intact, right?


Anonymous said...

What...no photo of the explosion ?
That had to be the best part. Dad