Monday, August 29, 2011

Niki nirvana

This is the staff bulletin board.
It gives you something to look at while waiting for the elevator.

Sometimes there's even things of interest, like this - 
CDs for sale - for a dollar.
A whole CD for the price of one song on iTunes?
The list was four pages long as a coworker was getting rid of her entire collection.
I tried to control myself.
I tried to be sensible.

Twenty dollars seemed like a small price to pay for this much joy.

Look at all the music.
Some are albums i'm replacing, some i'm trying for the first time, some i only like one or two songs, but you can't beat the price, and some i have always wanted.
When i look at that pile it makes me giddy.
I want to roll around in the music like a kitten with catnip, but with the sharp corners and breakable plastic i will settle for an all-night new music-a-thon.


Brenda*Nery said...

Nothing like holding a CD case in your hands. I remember when albums used to make me feel that way ;)

Kaaren said...

Ooooh, Terence Trent D'arby. I loved "Wishing Well." And yay, Def Leppard. Huge fan.

Anonymous said...

OH WOW! THOSE ARE SOME GREAT CHOICES!!!!!I'm excited FOR you! :-D Sheryl