Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do i have a sign around my neck

... that says Let me help you empty your house?
I have fun posts to do about a garden, 2 museums and a piece of art i recently acquired, but alas i am slaving away in my friend Justin's apartment instead. When he left at the beginning of the summer he only took what he could fit in his car. He came back to move out of his apartment and will return to Louisville tomorrow with a car load.
We've had 3 days to get rid of basically everything he owns.
Anyone need a full-sized box slat bed?
Or a full set of the 1906 Encyclopedia Britannica?
Or 3 metric tons of Legos? Jeez, how do i get myself into these situations?
 Today's Public Service Announcement - Don't leave a Bag O' Salad in the fridge for 3 months. It turns into vile black liquid that makes Niki want to hurl.
Thank You.


Rea said...

The BOY would be happy to pay for shipping for the ton of Legos! And his mom is saying hmmmmmm about encyclopedias! Now you KNOW you have tons of space...put everything in/on your lovely dresser in the sunroom ;)

vivian said...

legos for eric! ;) sorry i missed the crop. hope to see you at the next one!

Francie the "wise" said...

Who doesn't need three metric tons of legos?

Francie the "wise" said...

P. S. -- What, no picture of the thing formerly known as salad?

Niki said...

1. really, i have never seen so many Legos in my life; they are now in my basement being held as ransom to make Justin visit.
2. the salad was so horrifying that even I didn't want a picture of it!