Monday, August 24, 2009


Perhaps you recall that i was a dedicated gym go-er with a personal trainer until a few months ago. Between being sick, stupid doctor ordered restrictions and losing my trainer I have been lax all summer about the gym. And by lax i mean didn't go for 2 months. I feel like a lazy, shiftless blob. blech We are only 22 days away from restrictions being lifted (assuming 3 months of enforced sloth and vitamin regiments has restored my metabolism and blood pressure to normal levels; and yes, i am assuming that cause i am so done with being sick) so i need to get back into good habits of exercise. But honestly, without a trainer to motivate me and make me accountable I'm kind of at a loss. Therefore, i have devised a CHALLENGE. Starting today and running for 4 weeks, former team member and current friend Erin and I are going to record the time we spend in cardio-training. At the end of the CHALLENGE the loser has to make the winner a sumptuous dinner. If I were a betting man, i'd put money on... hmmmm... actually we are pretty evenly matched. We each have a disadvantage : - Erin is taking medication that makes her sometimes, well, cranky - I might go on vacation next week But we each have an advantage as well : - Erin has an exercise bike in her house - I am uber-competitive Win or lose i am setting a reasonable goal for myself to average 20 minutes a day or 560 minutes over the 4 week period. I will update the Nikiverse weekly for added accountability. Ready... Set... GO! *post addition* Given Erin's reasonable comment that we should have one mandatory day of rest i am revising my personal goal to 480 minutes.

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Erin said...'s on! By the way...i also wanted to slip in there-we each must have 1 mandatory rest rest our bodies-it's the healthy way =)