Wednesday, August 12, 2009

does it even count as seafood?

I am a born and bred Marylander. I have a degree in marine science. I don't like seafood. Which of those statements doesn't seem to match the others? I've just never really liked fish or shellfish. I've tried it sporadically through my life with varied results. For awhile, right after college, i didn't even want to see anything that could pass as a lab dissection. I'm willing to try stuff, but not real hopeful about the results. The only seafood i've consistently liked is tuna fish, but that is pretty far removed from actual fish. Oh, and i love this place What is it about the LJS that keeps me coming back? (besides the memory of me and Mel sitting in the LJS as a car drove into the parking lot ON FIRE?) When i was a kid i loved Arthur Treacher's, but once they went away i came to know Long John Silvers. And i really do love their fish ; i'll even eat it without tartar sauce. It is fricking yumtastic. But look at it. It doesn't even resemble fish. It is to seafood what the chicken mcnugget (which i also love) is to poultry. LJS has the best batter i have ever tasted and the fish is flaky, but firm. I actually prefer their fish to their chicken - how crazy is that? Someone needs to figure out how to make real fish taste as delicious as this without 563,000 calories and 49g of fat per bite.

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Rea said...

Try the new baja taco...I'm serious! OMGoodness! YUMMY trust me...would I lead you astray?