Thursday, August 13, 2009

fancy lunch

As should be evident from nearly every post here about work, I only hire characters for my team. As we come to the end of the summer season people are finding themselves in the office more than any of them really enjoy. People who like being at a desk don't really end up on my team. Case in point - it is lunchtime and i hear team member Amy rustling about a lot over in her space: there are drawers being opened, multiple trips to the kitchen, the clank of dinnerware and finally a decidedly contented sigh from Amy herself. I felt it my duty to investigate. She knew that she'd be eating at her desk for the next few weeks so she went to the dollar store and bought herself a table-setting for work. Complete with a placemat, people. I love the floating strawberries in the sparkling water in the daiquiri glass and the single Lindt truffle. We are a collection of freaks. I love us.

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Megan said...

Just caught up on the last month or so! Niki - hilarious - you entertained me and my mom quite well on Saturday. Now I am off to buy a place mat at thrift store.