Saturday, August 22, 2009

edible Evil Genius

As the Great Exodus continues, team member AJ's last day was Friday. Since no one was going to be working that day we had his celebration on Wednesday. He and I had been talking about the ridiculous double cookie cake that i'd seen at Sam's Club so that is what i was going to get him. Except they didn't have any.
Why didn't they have any?
Because no one ordered the containers they go in after baking.
Filled with disappointment i decided that we would make our own double cookie sandwiches, though they wouldn't be cake sized of course.
  Cookies and icing were bought and quickly consumed. I have to say that the double cookie sandwich was quite a hit at the gathering. AJ was so pleased that he proclaimed They need a good name; something that captures how wonderful they are, but how wrong it is to love them. I suggest Evil Genius.
Generally people put fluffy white icing (that is its actual name) on the chocolate chip cookies and milk chocolate icing on the peanut butter cookie, but there was some variety and experimentation. After most of us were done AJ decided to make the Evil Genius that would rule all cookie sandwiches forever :
chocolate chip cookie, fluffy white icing, peanut butter cookie, milk chocolate icing, chocolate chip cookie. It was a sight to behold, especially when he tried to eat it.
Now that is a special, evil treat. In AJ's own words, That was so delicious, but so wrong. I don't think i'll ever want another cookie again.
Good luck, AJ and stay away from evil cookies.


Kaaren said...

I have a gut ache just looking at that.

Niki said...

I have never seen anyone be so happy and so miserable at the same time.