Sunday, August 2, 2009

eating regional cuisine

One of the things i really like about traveling is finding local restaurants to try the food and drink specific to that place. On Skyline Drive there are several campgrounds, lodges and dining rooms. I had dinner at the historic dining room at Big Meadows Lodge. When these people use the word lodge, they aren't kidding. I love the vaulted timber ceiling with iron chandeliers. One glance at the menu and you know you are in Virginia - there are lots of dishes involving ham. But the ingredient specific to Shenandoah appears to be blackberries.
I can't remember the last time i saw blackberries featured on any menu. I had no idea blackberries grew in Virginia. They must because they were omnipresent at Big Meadows. For desert i had the hot blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
Then at breakfast I had pancakes with blackberry syrup;
it was so good i forgot to take a picture until it was almost gone.
Even in the tap room where there was a folk singer singing and strumming away the drinks starred blackberry
Though i wasn't quite ready to take on the Blackberry Flapper Frappe, i did order the equally fun named Prohibition Punch  
Isn't it lovely? Of course it is served in a canning jar.
 Did you click on the second picture to see the ingredients? I added that picture because of this word
Yep. It was made with moonshine, no lie.
Moonshine and rum.
It was delicious.
For lunch the next day i went to Skyland which is situated at the highest point on the Drive; it looks like something out of the 60s on the outside but it is much older,
built at the turn of century.
The rustic dining room has floor to ceiling windows offering the best view you can imagine. It was here that i met the new love of my life : Blackberry Ice Cream Pie with Meringue and Blackberry Sauce
I didn't even know i liked blackberries.
Now i kinda wanna marry them.

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