Monday, January 11, 2010

Empty desk

I've lost my Logistics Coordinator. I don't mean that the team member left. I mean that the position has been discontinued. The good news is that Wendy isn't going to be laid off; she's moving to Visitor Services tomorrow. The bad news is that management is taking a full-time position and spreading it across several people who already have full-time positions. I have faith that the staff in question will figure out how to get everything done without dropping any of my bookings or paperwork, but it is going to be a tough adjustment. Plus it is kinda not right to put more work on folks who are already underpaid. I am a team player and will take this hit for the greater good of the museum, but i just wanna go on the record as saying that THIS BLOWS.

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Rea said...

I guess the universe couldn't handle you being completely staffed. :( Sorry!