Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Some good things happened in 2009. I went on an awesome vacation. I started a real art collection so now there are things hanging in my living room that weren't just made by me. My family and extended family grew through marriage and birth. Good things - really good things, all of them. But let's just face some facts here: 2009 was, for the most part, a giant sucking hole of suckiness. It blew. A lot. I'm glad it is over. How much did 2009 suck? It sucked so much that i am not going to even review my resolutions from last year. You know that i LOVE reviewing and evaluating resolutions before making new ones. Not this year. Suffice it to say that though i was more courageous in some aspects of my life, i failed miserably at all of the other ones. sigh (did i mention how much i hated being sick?) But that was the past. I'm healthy and looking forward to the new year so here are... Niki's Resolutions for 2010 1. Regain productivity levels without sacrificing health 2. Establish consistency throughout my life 3. Do at least one new thing a month 4. Make volunteering a priority


Megan said...

to appreciate good times - you must have sucky times!

Anonymous said...

How about "Set some stuff on fire"? An easy resolution for you, and always well worth doing!


Niki said...

Megan- so very true
Frack- it's not really a resolution if it is something you already do on a regular basis, silly