Friday, January 22, 2010

Gooooo Team Marge!

In an effort to do at least one new thing per month I joined a trivia team at Applebees.
 There are six rounds of three questions each that are point weighted by comfort with the topic.
 The topic pool is reeeeeeally broad, but I've determined that we need someone with sports knowledge to round out our expertise.
We bombed the first round, but did great in the second round.
 We ended in the top 10, winning 3 tournament points.
I just love trivia.


Kaaren said...

That sounds like fun!

Kaaren said...

PS - Explain the team name.

Niki said...

I wish there was a better story behind the name, but here it is:
I was sitting with fTM Karen and her MIL, Nancy, discussing the procedure for entering the tournament. Karen said, "First, we need to think of a name," to which i busted out with "MARGE." I don't know why, but it was so ridiculous and not at ALL what she meant that we laughed heartliy and became Team Marge.