Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick Christmas Pics

So i have a bunch of pictures from my break, but have decided to just share a few and move on. I spent the beginning of the week at my dad's house tooling around in the golf cart decorated for the holidays (look, there's me) Cruising around the neighborhood in my sweet ride i was able to relax and become one with the holiday decorations and giant garden snails. We played games, ate good food and drank seasonal adult beverages Mid-week i went to my mom's house, spending the actual holiday with her. We went shopping, decorated the tree, ate good food and opened presents. This year we tried something new : the stocking challenge. We bet a dollar over who get get the most stuff into the other person's Christmas stocking while spending the least amount of money. It has been fun over the last few months hunting and searching for awesome- but cheap- gifts and trinkets. Here is Mom with her reindeer stocking chock full of fun. Notice there was one thing that couldn't fit in without being damaged, but overall i thought i put in a good showing, staying within the guidelines. Now here i am on Christmas morning with my stocking of insanity Not only is it full of stuff, she tied presents onto the stocking itself. She even tied things to the poor, poor bear on the front he looks jaunty, but will circulation ever return to that paw? Though she was waaaaaaaaaaay over the guidelines of "in the stocking" i have to concede that she seriously rocked the "more for less" idea. I wonder if i ever gave her that dollar... Then we rested, ate some more yummy food, did some more shopping and i went a-visiting. This year David suggested that instead of me driving all the way up to Deltona from Nort Port we meet someplace in the middle so we had lunch at a Smokey Bones north of Tampa, where Kaaren and Isabelle presented me with my homemade cookie bouquet Check these out, people! Not only were they huge and beautiful, they were delicious as well. Thank you, Kaaren! Then i slept and read and watched some tv. Then back to my dad's to open presents and fly home. the end


Kaaren said...

(with the scraped extra K - brilliant).

Niki said...

notice how i didn't point it out; it still tasted awesome

Melanie said...

You all look great!