Thursday, January 21, 2010

POed, but determined

You know what, World?
I know that you are trying to stromp on my last nerve.
I know that you are trying to break me down with the "taking away a member of my team" crap and the "sort through 16 years of your life, reliving every victory and defeat" crap and the "heat going off 2 nights in a row in the apartment in the middle of January" crap and the "mom in the hospital" crap and the "losing your voice during a show" crap and the "you now have no voice, but are supposed to do 2 shows tomorrow" crap and the "staff bathrooms are broken; we don't know when they will be fixed" crap and the "i think my gym changed ownership; why do they have a new name; is my membership still valid" crap and the "can't find khaki work pants that don't make me look like an oompah loompah so i have to wear the same 2 skirts and wash 3 times a week" crap and the "have pictures for 5 blog posts but never seem to get around to doing it" crap and the "i know i've chosen to be poor, but this is ridiculous" crap and the "spell check doesn't recognize your language" crap and the "state tax return is literally 10 cents" crap and the "former co-worker has cancer" crap.
I know that you have turned me into a Crankenstein lately.
But i also know something you don't, World.
No matter how hard you try to push me down or how often you make me cry or how simply pissed off you make me,
i will win in the end.
How do i know that?
Because when you present me with a situation where we are late to a school, dealing with the world's most dour office secretary, setting up in a space as far away from anything like water or a bathroom as possible and there are no parking spaces left because the last one is half covered with a schmanky pile of leftover, plowed snow i will simply drive back and forth over the snow creating a space for myself.
I will not be denied, World.
You can make me feel awful for a period of time, but the sparkle ponies will always kick your a** in the end, World.


Kaaren said...

Really? Spam? Spam on a rant, Anonymous? Really? Loser.

Kick some ass Niki.

January 22, 2010 7:04

Niki said...

I deleted the offending spam, Kaaren (though not before considering some exciting home based business oppurtunities), but trust me when i say that spam on a rant about the world pissing my off is exactly what i would expect.

Rea said...

Go...Go.... GO!!!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...


You rock and I love you!


Francie the "wise" said...

And I for one am proud to know someone who is so closely aligned with the a** kicking sparkle ponies.

I've been meaning to send you an e-mail and ask how your mom is doing -- and yet, I haven't. I have however, been thinking about you both and praying.

Melanie said...

I'm with Francie -- have been thinking of you and your mom all week. I hope you are both doing better!

Love you!