Saturday, January 16, 2010


Generally i am a fan of all the automatic doo-hickeys that are finding their way into our lives;
 the automatic soap dispensers at the airport particularly tickle me.
But have you all seen the crazy hand dryers?
Ready to xlerate!
I was a bit alarmed by the command to
Feel the Power
especially when it seemed like it was going to remove the water from my hand by removing the skin
  from my hand.
Do i really need that much power just to dry my hands in the library bathroom?


srapalmateer said...

Those particular blowers ARE just a tad bit scary with moving your skin and all. However, there is another brand (I think Dyson makes them...yes, the rolly ball vacuum people) that lets you put your hands in and you pull them out as they dry. It's not so much "power" but the cool way it feels! (Can be found at Towson Towne Center or The Native American Museum in DC)

Douglas said...

And at Jetblue baggage claim in Boston.

Megan said...

be thankful your library has hand dryers - mine has had so many budget cuts they may revert to a sign that says use your pants!