Thursday, January 14, 2010

getting your money's worth

We were setting up for a chemistry show yesterday morning while some students were finishing their breakfast.
As a rule you don't make eye contact with the kids during set-up because we are a HUGE distraction to whatever they are supposed to be doing.
Still, you can't help but hear the kids talking about you and we do respond to direct questions.
There was a third grade gentleman walking through the cafeteria slowly taking in all of the promised glory of our chemicals. He was talking to himself as he walked, This is gonna be great. This is gonna be so great. I paid 5 dollars and 25 cents; this is gonna be GREAT.
Thanks for that vote of confidence, sir, but do we really need that added pressure?
It was such an odd perspective for a kid to have on the situation, but was so very sincere that i had to laugh after he left the room. An adult would have said that it BETTER be good because they paid for it, but instead he was simply convinced that it HAD to be good because he paid for it.
I feel he really got his $5.25 worth. It was a great show: the audience was fabulous, TM Amy and I were having a great time and as an added bonus, we set off the fire alarm!
Yep. With an experiment that has never set anything off before.
 Luckily i got to the office fast enough to have them call the alarm company before any fire trucks were dispatched and before too many people had evacuated. It was exciting.
I hope that boy went home and told his parents that it was $5.25 well spent.


Kaaren said...

Heee Heee to He.

Rea said...

The kids pay to watch your shows?? I always figured it was the school that paid! Who knew? (apparently not me)

Niki said...

Most schools pay from PTA or school funds, but some choose to charge the kids per head, like a field trip. We never really know where the money is coming from.

Anonymous said...

I'll bite: how'd you set off the alarms this time?


Niki said...

flame test - as we were putting them out; i think it was the sudden wave of heat combined with a reeeeeeally twitchy, super-sensitive system