Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blizzards are made made for rum

Most places have some version of a summertime icy treat. Whether you call it a snowball, sno-cone, Hawaiian ice, shaved ice, Italian ice or slushee, you all know what i'm talking about: a concoction of ice and sweet flavoring that is exactly what the doctor ordered on those dog days of summer. But what about when you are literally surrounded by snow and ice? An icy treat doesn't seem like a great idea unless you really have nowhere to go and can adult-it-up. Start with a vessel of some sort, like a nice amber Depression glass cut goblet and scoop up some freshly fallen snow Add a yummy flavoringlike grenadine and some rum. I would normally use spiced rum for something like this, but there was no Captain in the house so i mixed some silver and 151. That, of course, caused a great deal of melting so I added a bit more snow, stirred, added more snow, stirred, added more snow You get the picture. Once you have a consistency you like, enjoy your cherry rum snowball either in the warmth of your living room or out on the porch in a snow suit. Who says there is nothing to do in a snowstorm?

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