Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Blizzard 2010

I figured before the next snow tonite i better get the last set of snow pictures posted. Some were taken while it was still snowing and some were taken when it was time to start shovelling. Here is the view from out of the sunroom back door; i was going to try to go out there to get some backyard shots while the snow was still falling, but thought better of it after i tried to open the door. Not only was it the volume of snow that fell, but there was tremendous wind all through Saturday and into Sunday so that places you wouldn't expect to have snow like the windows of the sunroom were covered. It even snowed up into the porch. When it finally stopped, the snow was level with my front porch, the three steps completely obscured; luckily, one of my more industrious neighbors freed them making a wee path out to my car Which i looked out for a while and then went back inside. I like to shovel snow at night. Why? I have no clue. But at about 10:30pm i went out to look at the snow in the moonlight and do a little excavation Needless to say i slept well that night. I only dug out my car and a few feet of the driveway, waiting for the plow to do the heavy work out to the road. Sunday afternoon i cleared off my favorite spot on the porch railing and perched myself with a book to enjoy the afternoon and wait for the plow. Which never came on Sunday. Or Monday. In fact, it wasn't until 9:00 this morning that you could find the way out to my street. Luckily i didn't have to go to work so it didn't really matter.

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