Saturday, February 6, 2010


The other night my friend Douglas asked me how i had done the paper treatment on my New Year's cards - whether i had dipped them or dyed them or bought them or what - and i realized that i never did a post about it. It is a funny example of what seems like a good idea actually being a terrible idea. I decided that i wanted to do something completely different this year and create a flat card instead of a folded card. Then i thought that since i have huge art sheets of cardstock i would cut them down to size myself. Then i thought i would paint the background instead of using patterned paper. But then i worried that the painted cardstock might not be substantial enough to make cards out of? My solution? I'll paint both sides of each card. Brilliant, no? So the answer to your question, Douglas, is that i triple-color hand painted both sides of the New Years cards - all 85 of them. What is wrong with me, people? I mean, i love the way the cards looked, each one different from the next, but dang there has got to be some circuit loose in my brain to think that was a good idea. Oh, and a little PSA for my crafting friends out there: don't forget that when painting cut card stock, it will curl as it dries: Yep. In fact sometimes it curls so violently that it will flip off of the coffee table onto your vintage wood floors, paint-side down at 3:00 in the morning. Yep. Do you think there is a 12 step program for crazy people like me?

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