Tuesday, February 2, 2010


It is a well known fact that the Nikiverse is made of love. Anyone can identify that it is inhabited by sparkle ponies. Most people know that it is built on faith. But do you know what fuels the Nikiverse? Hope. The belief that there is beauty and goodness to be found, if you are willing to look hard enough. The knowledge that no matter how bad it might seem, that this too shall pass (even February is only 28(9) days long). With the lurking doom bubble i have been thinking of hope lately; there have been moments when it has been tougher to locate even in my own life. Some of my favorite people have been dealing with issues that make them feel unsettled or alone and they have been searching valiantly for hope. I've had several conversations with various people on the subject of late and this is what i've decided: My hope is often gilded and framed, prominently placed and easy to identify- but sometimes i have to cobble it together from things i find laying on the floor. Sometimes it is abundant, . but sometimes it is faint. At times it is tattered and worn, nearly unrecognizable under life's graffiti. But in the end all you really need is a tiny little piece- a mere sliver of hope, in any condition, is enough to hold on to. The sun will rise tomorrow -whether we want it to or not- bringing the possibility and promise of a new day. It will be okay. It will. If you can't find any hope, take some of mine.

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Anonymous said...

Prepare for the geekiest take imaginagible on this post...

In the current comic book, Green-Lantern-centric zombie fest dubbed "Blackest Night", different colors represent different emotions. Hope = Blue. In the words of this guy:


"All will be well."

And the blue corps recently upped its cool factor by recruiting the Flash.

See, toldja that'd be geeky.