Tuesday, February 9, 2010

skills you didn't know you needed

I think it is important to constantly gain new knowledge. That's why last week - between snow storms- i went with Francie to her friend Joan's house to learn how to make boutonnieres for the upcoming April nuptials. Hi Joan. Nice to meet you. I didn't take a lot of pictures while I was learning different ways to wire flowers and greenery, using different gauge wire dependant on the stem of the flora - my hands were busy- but i did take a picture of my first finished boutonniere: lovely and simple In case you were wondering, yes it is a lot more work than you would expect to pin a flower onto a lapel. Joan had bought a dozen roses for us to work with, so with the leftovers she showed me how to make a simple, classic nosegay complete with ribbon wrapping that would be appropriate for the bridesmaids. What do you think, Francie? She seems pleased. (BTW, did i tell you that i liked your haircut?) Her colors will be white, red and black -i think- so i have no idea what flowers she and Jake are actually going to buy for the wedding. Luckily, after the wiring lessons, i read up on how to properly prep flowers based on their stem density and water uptake (yes, it is different for different flowers and involves various temperatures of water, cotton and fire - really). Also i have practiced ribbon wrapping and pinning. Plus i timed how long the flowers survive in the fridge. Basically i am totally ready for whatever flowers are waiting for me in Portland and whatever design Francie has in mind. Just another little thing to put on ye olde resume.

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Francie the "wise" said...

Actually, I'm neither organized enough nor anal enough to have official colors, though it is true that the bridesmaids are wearing black, and the maid of honor is wearing red.

I think what flowers we get depends on what's available at Costco's and/or Trader Joe's, though I do have a fondness for roses.