Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new food experiment

Ahhhhh... food... i remember when i was eating various sorts of solid food and not just Saltines and Special K and raisins cause that's what my recently virus-attacked GI system can handle. Someday -perhaps tomorrow- i'll have food real food again. Anyhoo, last week -before the unpleasantness- i continued to do new things by making a dinner of completely new-to-Niki food. I had a coupon for Morning Star products and found these Asian Veggie Patties on sale - hey i am happy to try new things when it costs 87 cents for 4 patties or less than 22 cents a piece. The egg noodles were from the Dollar Tree and i wanted to try them cause i love Ramen noodles, but they are crazy high in fat and these claimed to be fat free. Plus, at a dollar for 4 servings or 25 cents a piece how could i go wrong? AND, they are made from duck eggs - how cool is that? Duck eggs would certainly be new. Soooo... i made my stir-fry base from shredded broccoli -a new technique for me- and added some chunk broccoli and carrots and snow peas -not at all new; i just like them- and sauced it up with soy, chili paste and a new chili sauce. Then i cooked up the noodles and added them to the pan. The veggie patties got nuked because that really is the best way to cook them and i served it all up on my beloved vintage Dragon and Phoenix china Gotta say - it was yummy. The amount i cooked easily covered me for dinner and lunch the next day; factoring in the veggies and sauce this new experience cost me $2.70 or $1.35 per serving. I wish all of this years' new experiences could be this tasty and cheap. The only drawback was that the patties were a little salty and the stir-fry sauce was a little spicy so i was left with the need for a touch of something sweet and tongue cleansing - like a lemon sorbet. Or some almond cookies. Or even a fortune cookie. But alas, there were no such things to be found in the pantry. I substituted the closest thing available a 100 calorie pack of mini shortbreads. Wow. That is a far, far cry from fortune cookies, for Pete's sake. You know we are all about authenticity and classiness here in the Nikiverse.


Douglas said...

How does one go about shredding broccoli?

Niki said...

One buys shredded broccoli.

Douglas said...

Work smart, not hard, people : )