Monday, February 1, 2010

utter desolation

It is the saddest picture i have ever taken. Dang. Look at that. We were driving to our school when i looked over at this sad, sad field and had to stop the van to figure out what is going on. Those are dead sunflowers, people. Wow. This picture makes me think of how much i dislike the month of February. Poor February; i almost feel bad for it. It is the shortest month, but i swear it takes the longest to get through. In the mid-Atlantic, February's weather can be described as cold, damp and dreary. Despite there being several important anniversaries and birthdays in February (including my BFF's) i just can't get excited about the month. Every year i try to face February with my patented brand of pathological optimism; generally i think that if you find what you are looking for, so why not look for the good? But every year no matter how up-beat i attempt to be, i am disappointed by Crapuary. So this year i am taking a new track: lowered expectation reverse psychology. I am going to EXPECT February to blow dog. I am going to look for the dreary. I will not be disappointed by the continuing doom bubble, but rather accepting of it. During the next 28 days I will expect February to betray me at every turn so that any day that doesn't look like this will be a good day. Happy Crapuary, everybody! Don't worry; we're in this together.


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who hates January and is SO glad when February rolls around. I laughed hard at "pathological optimism."


Rea said...

Or you can look at all the spent sunflowers, and think about all the birds that have been fed over the winter! Now that is optimism. February ROCKS!! It's almost SPRING!

Erin said...

and Steve just told me a surprise about February, so I'm pumped! and it's the last month in my 2nd tri!