Tuesday, November 22, 2011

an anniversary of sorts

A year ago i was in cascading endocrine crisis.
My own body was trying to kill me.
Did i mention that it was not a lot of fun?
But here we are with me healthy and happy and as sparkly/ornery as ever.
Thank God.
I met with a personal trainer last night for the first time to begin rebuilding my fitness routine. We were talking about how disheartening it could be to have to redo all of the hard work i already did a few years ago; to have to start over from scratch.
But i find myself less bothered by it than you might think. Results should be faster this time because i have prior knowledge, plus i don't have any other choice. This is where life has brought me and until someone figures out quantum dimensions, our time stream only flows in one direction.
This week's quote is from Garth Nix's Superior Saturday:
"In general, one cannot go back. But in going forward, you may achieve some of what you desired of the past. If you survive, anything may happen."


Anonymous said...

(i'm totally doing that crazy 80's dance)
Go Niki Go Niki Go Niki
Go Niki Go Niki Go Niki

:-D you can do it!


Debbie said...

So glad you're feeling healthy, too. :-D Yay for us!