Saturday, November 19, 2011

south mountain creamery

If you ever happen to be out cruising around the back roads of Frederick County, MD and suddenly on every side of the road there are delivery trucks painted with cows and as cows, you've probably stumbled upon South Mountain Creamery.

This place is legend on the team because it is from here that TM Sam's family gets their milk, yogurt and ice cream delivered. Did you know that in this day and age you can still even get milk delivered to your house?
Sam and I were out driving during lunch one day when she said, Turn here; i think South Mountain is somewhere down there.
We drove and drove, the cow trucks telling us that we were getting close. Finally we spotted it and stopped for a little snack. The tiny store not only has their products, but other local goods as well. I bought some pickles and homemade pumpkin spice granola. And, of course, some ice cream.
The best part is that the store is right next to the milking barn so as you enjoy your Golden Roof (their version of Tin Roof) and Apple Pie ice creams you can sit and talk to the cows.
Thank you #316; your milk made delicious ice cream.


Douglas said...

What an udderly amoosing conversation the two of you must have had.

Niki said...

She really was a great listener.