Thursday, November 17, 2011


Some days are just a zombie apocalypse and a girl has to take herself out to lunch to keep from going insane.
On days like that i like to treat myself to trying new places.
I've driven by Dusenberg's in Catonsville a jillion times, but never eaten there,(mayhaps because until recently they only had breakfast and lunch hours) but on this particular day i decided that it was time to see what was what at this local eatery.
I knew i had made the right decision when i saw fresh, seasonal flowers on the table.
I really love that.

The scuttlebutt on this place is all about the sandwiches, so i went with a hot roast beef with melted havarti on rye and wasabi sauce. Keeping with the new feeling of the outing i opted to try their green bean fries.
Look at this ridiculous order:
Can you even believe the size of that thing?
I'm supposed to eat that how?
And how about this Smith Island cake for dessert?

Also ridiculous.
Ridiculous, but delicious.

Everything was tasty and the service was super friendly if a little slow (they were slamming busy).
I spent more on lunch than i normally would, but considering that i ate it for both lunch and dinner that was okay.
I'll be back the next time zombies are getting me down.


Melanie said...

Green bean fries? That's brilliant!

Niki said...

And tasty.
Who thought i would ever willingly order green beans?
Of course, deep fried is one of the four food groups.

Debbie said...

I see the Taneytown deli sign, so I'm assuming this is in the vicinity of downtown along Frederick rd?