Saturday, November 5, 2011


Just the other day i was thinking about how many people i know that play the banjo.
Do you think that it is weird that i know four people that play the banjo?
I mean, it would be one thing if i lived in the heart of bluegrass country, but i don't. Lots of people play guitar, but banjo?
For instance, i was at a porch party the other month and with the Yuengling flowing freely, out comes Michelle's banjo.
And her horsey laptop where she keeps her lyrics, of course. Interestingly, she doesn't pick that banjo, but strums it like a guitar so you get the rhythm of the guitar with the sound of the banjo; it's really cool. 
After doing a few originals -one of which i am pushing her to post because it is gorgeous- she started taking requests.

Then, somehow, the conversation had turned to the legality of cannibalism (specifically whether it is illegal only if you kill the person, which would be murder, or is it still illegal to eat someone who died of natural causes) so after much pleading from Mike, Michelle improved a banjo song with the words from a court case about cannibalism which made Cassie almost die from laughter.

[though there is still no ruling on whether it would have been legal to eat her in that case, had we been stranded on an barren, irradiated atoll]
I also know a lot of people who can play the accordian.
Does that say something about me? 

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