Saturday, November 5, 2011

Help Hospitalized Veterans

It seemed only right that my November charity should be for a veterans' organization.
There are several different ones that i have been involved with in the past, but my favorite has always been Help Hospitalized Veterans. For over 40 years, they have been supplying veterans in VA hospitals with craft kits. It seems like such a simple -almost silly- thing, but the kits give the patients something to do, a way to pass the time and can be therapeutic for injuries involving the hands or brains.
They are also a tangible and real thing that a patient can hold in his or her hands and know that someone somewhere cares that they are in the hospital.
You can send a card with your donation and i have received several heartfelt thank-you postcards in return.
This month's donation will go to sending craft kits and kind thoughts to soldiers who will be in the hospital over Christmas, which honestly makes me smile.

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