Friday, November 25, 2011

mmmmmm... turkey

Since all of my relatives live in other states, i tend to borrow families for holidays. Here is the motley assortment of characters at Kate and Jason's yesterday:
 Babysitter Nicole (she didn't have time to go home for the holiday, plus it was her birthday so she hung out with us), J's mom Bebe, K's mom Cass, Jason, K's Aunt Felicia, J's stepdad Marty, grinning idiot, Dash - Kate is taking the picture.
I look like a hyena in the picture cause i was trying to get Dash to turn around to the camera.
silly monkey

He, however, had more important things on his mind, like how to get both tubes of food into his mouth at once.

I am so grateful to have another family when mine is so far away.

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Rea said...

Missed you! You are always welcome at the farm.