Monday, November 7, 2011

jewelry roundup 3

We'll start this roundup with a necklace that i inherited from my Great Aunts - Edie and Jerry. They travelled all over the world and i've received so many awesome pieces from their collections over the years that sometimes i can't remember to which sister a piece originally belonged. I do know that they bought this necklace in China outside of the Forbidden City. The beads are hand-painted and hand-knotted onto silk. It is beautiful and rather heavy, but this is only the second time i've worn it in a decade as i am always afraid that something bad is going to happen to it if it leaves my room. Let's face it, i'm not gonna be able to replace it anytime in the near future.
This articulated fish is also from Asia. My mom's boss brought it to her from a trip overseas sometime in the 80's and i acquired it about 15 years later. It didn't get worn often because it didn't have a chain, but i found this one in the 25-pound box of discarded jewelry and lo and behold it is exactly the right length.
Plus, my stepmother bought me these little blue fish earrings a few Christmases ago that exactly match;
you know how i love things that match.
Matching is what led to me weaving gold chains through my loopy bun after converting some broken bracelet chains into long earrings.
On days when i don't have to wear my uniform my jewelry choices can be inspired by just about anything, like the day that i really wanted to wear these polka dottted socks,
which led to pearl studs in 3 different sizes, a pearl and light blue beaded choker (which is, BTW the first necklace i ever made, approximately 10 thousand years ago), and a long set of blue pearls inherited from my grandma that i looped as a bracelet.

<>Since we have well established that i am forever putting clips and pins in my hair, let's go straight to the pictures, Chuck:
double round pearl and gold circles

pink bead clusters on double buns

perfect for my first beading class

standard bun with a pair of white flowers
did i mention these pearly beauties were 40 cents?
some random bling from the big box

Check out this awesome enamel flower that a found in my exact uniform color for only $3!

And these flowers with uniform-colored stones. Yes!
Also a new purchase, i bought this dragonfly pin specifically to be worn in my hair on the day that i premiered the new show; it however, was a pricey $7.
Though this is not a good picture of this pin atop my maiden braids at Oktoberfest, hopefully you can see the pink stones. This pin was scavenged from a junk jar 10 years ago and languished as half of its original crystals had turned yellow. Over the summer i popped them all out and replaced them with pink crystals that i've had for probably 20 years.

At a yard sale i totally scored these four dyed stone necklaces that i wore part of the day twirled together and part of the day separated over a purple sweater. I remember my 9th grade English teacher had sets of those beads that she wrap together and link as a chunky choker: it was an 80's thing. I was fascinated back then and delighted to find all four for $1, though i doubt i will be wearing them as a choker anytime ever.
Finally, a pin that i actually wore as a pin. This blue-eyed, white stoned beauty was a perfect accessory when i met fTM Amy at the sushi buffet.
Day by day all of my jewelry will get worn or it had to go.

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