Wednesday, August 1, 2012

and thus a new era begins

After returning from Vegas in the first week of July I realized that with my back vacation pay and such I could take the rest of the month off.
You know, from life.
I worked on forming The Plan.
I read.
I slept.
And i grieved.
July was my month of mourning for the life i used to have, the life i loved so much.
I had some good days and was able to get some things done.
I had quite a few bad days where i didn't leave the house. Or get dressed. Or shower.
There was time to reconnect, but also time to just hide from everyone and everything.
Sometimes wearing sack cloth and lamenting to the sky is quite cathartic.
But you can't allow yourself to wallow in freakish misery forever.
Today - August 1st - is the first day of my six months of discovery.
Sure, there will still be times when i still get upset about this turn of events, days when i won't want to get out of bed, but the period of mourning is over so i will make myself pull on my big girl pants and sally forth.
This week's quote is my all-time favorite inspirational poster that one finds taped up in gyms (in my head i think of them as gympirational posters):

Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?

Let's do this thing, people!


Anonymous said...

Love & Kisses, Sheryl

Rea said...

You can do it! What ever IT is!

Love also, Rea

Douglas said...

the Etsy bitsy spider.....

Anonymous said...