Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Ocean Breeze

Our Alaskan cruise at the end of May left from Vancouver, BC.
Douglas and I decided to get there a day early to explore and be well rested for the cruise.
He wanted to stay in a bed and breakfast; I was in charge of finding one.
Do you wanna guess how many B&Bs there are in Vancouver?
We were arriving late at night by train (from Seattle) and leaving via the cruise port plus wanted to be able to explore without having a car while staying within a certain price range; that is a lot of criteria. I was talking to my wonderful BFF about trying to find the right place and she volunteered to do the research for me. Dontcha love her?
After spending i don't even want to know how much time on Rea sent me her top three choices and I went with her top pick, The Ocean Breeze Bed and Breakfast. Located in North Vancouver it was a 15 minute taxi ride from both the train station and the port.

Run by Margaret and her husband, the beautiful house is on top of a hill so there are a lot, lot, lot of steps (especially at midnight after a full day of cross-country travel), but once you manage to get all of your luggage up there the elevation allows for an amazing view of the city across the water.

There are several common areas, including the kitchen and a piano room. Each suite has a different decorating theme. Rea chose the Romantica for us because it has a sunken tub and you know how i have a weakness for bubble baths. Somehow we don't have any pics of our room though there are pics of other rooms from when Margaret took us on a tour, but you can see our room here.

I woke up before everyone else in the house and spent time in the hedged-in courtyard drinking juice and writing in my journal. It was relaxing and lovely until it started to rain; apparently Vancouver is even rainier than Seattle.

Margaret made us incredible omelets and fresh fruit yogurt parfaits the first morning and blueberry pancakes with sausage the second morning. Her cooking was amazing, the house was beautiful and the atmosphere was comfortable. Margaret even sent me home with a glittery I heart BC ornament for my Christmas tree.
I highly recommend this B&B if you ever find yourself in Vancouver. Be sure to tell Margaret we say Hi and give Jackson and Princess Buttercup some head scratches for us.


Kaaren said...

So weird that David and I were talking about going up to Vancouver in September! Might check this B&B out!

Rea said...

I have to vacation vicariously!